A New Natural Stone Walkway for Middleton, Wisconsin Clients

Using natural stones is a niche for this sustainable landscape company. Not only do hardscapes that we build with natural stones provide beauty, safety and longevity, but they are also more eco-friendly.


  • This natural stone walkway is dry laid, so no mortar, concrete, etc. That means it can move slightly with the change of seasons and not crack.
  • A deep and compact crushed gravel base means this wonderful walk won’t heave either.
  • The gaps between each stone piece are less than an inch (even less than 1/2”) so this is a very safe and easy walk to shovel.
  • The gaps have been filled in with a product that semi-permanently fills the gaps to limit weed growth.
  • The stone used in this walkway and stone are locally quarried. No manufacturing or chemicals were used in the product of this natural product.
  • Using local stones conveys a regional aesthetic that is very ‘Wisconsin’.
  • Building hardscapes correctly and building them to last is critical in sustainable landscaping – our natural stone features all have a 5 year warranty!
  • The beauty as can be seen in the photos, is really nothing short of artwork – that natural patterns, textures, and variations in color are stunning.

For questions about any of our hardscape projects or services please send an email to: info@formecology.com or visit our hardscape service page. 

Natural stone hardscapes - walkways, walls and steps