Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Tips

Here are some eco-friendly (sustainable) snow removal tips to help get you through the winter snow while keeping the environment in mind: • Human-powered removal is the only 100% eco-friendly way [...]

Formecology Celebrates 15 Year Milestone!

Formecology, LLC reaches a 15 year milestone under the ownership of landscape architect, John Gishnock III, in Evansville, Wisconsin. When Gishnock acquired the existing nine year old business [...]

Eco-Friendly Back-To-School Tips

As families and their children prepare for back-to-school, here a few eco-friendly tips to utilize throughout the school year: • Take an inventory of what you already have that can be used again. [...]

First Day of Summer- June 21, 2015

It’s officially summer! Here are some great photos to kick off the new season. Feel free to share your outdoor pictures as well too! • New baby robins using last year’s nest – now that’s [...]

Save Our Water- Pick Up Poop!

Dog feces can be a real water quality problem. 35% of Wisconsin households have dogs and each mid-sized dog produces roughly 550 pounds of feces per year. Pet waste left on sidewalks, streets, [...]

Fun Facts About Dandelions

All parts of the dandelion are edible and have medicinal and culinary uses. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and flavor. Let’s stop spraying lawns with dangerous [...]

Love Your Mother & Love Mother Nature!

Plan an eco-friendly Mother’s Day with the gift of Mother Nature- inexpensive for you, relaxing for mom and easy on the environment! Here are just a few ideas to get you started: Plan a picnic or [...]

Celebrate Arbor Day- April 24, 2015

Arbor Day is a day set aside for the purpose of planting and caring for trees, which the Arbor Day foundation calls “an act of kindness, a labor of love, and a commitment to [...]

Formecology Is Featured On Houzz!

Formecology, LLC was hand-picked by a Houzz writer to be featured in an editorial ideabook on the homepage of Houzz! To Manage Stormwater Sustainably, Understand Your Site The key to creating a [...]