Clarmar Apartments

Madison, Wisconsin

One south Madison apartment manager is exploring creative ways to enhance the quality of life for her residents and the environment. Owners of Clarmar apartments have chosen to work with Formecology to add another amenity to their landscape.

This project includes a community vegetable garden plot as well as multiple species of fruiting trees and shrubs to provide healthy and local food choices for tenants (and the birds ;). While we realize a small community garden can only produce a certain amount of sustenance, we feel it is a great way to ‘plant the seeds for’ personal and social connections. To make the vegetable plots more sustainable, we utilized broken pieces of concrete from a forgotten and underutilized storage pad to create a stepping stone path to access the space/ delineate individual beds.

Beyond the benefits inherent in these vegetable and fruit-bearing plantings, our expert designers were careful to place each element carefully to maximize other potential benefits such as the screening of neighboring buildings and utility structures and protection from the general public.

Other Recent Work