McKenzie Install

Oregon, WI

How simple it is to fashion natural stones into a pleasing seating space! But it all has to start with a plan of course. The most important component of this outdoor seating space was to get the scale right – we wanted this space small enough to be intimate & cozy, but large enough to be roomy & flexible. In this case the seats were made from locally quarried large natural stones, which are placed around a formal, but still natural, stone firepit. Each seating stone comfortably seats two people, with room left between each for additional seating. As a result this space can therefore handle small or large groups. Hardy, native trees encircle the space providing verticality & an overhead canopy for shade. Of course maintenance for the Midwest hardy native swamp white oak and hackberry trees is simple and easy. Lastly, we used Kentucky bluegrass, aka lawn, for the large green circle bordering the council ring or seating space. This will be mown regularly so keep the space ready for use!

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