Weebleworld Child Care Center

Stoughton, WI

Introducing children to natural elements was most important for the owners of this new child care center in Stoughton, WI.

Through the thoughtfully designed elements of this landscape, kids can see with their own eyes answers to questions like “where does all the rain go after a storm?” and “where do carrots come from?”  A rain garden helps manage roof top run off, while providing a home for beautiful native wildflowers, and raised veggie gardens, made from repurposed lumber, will provide hours of educational entertainment for children of various ages.

In addition to basic play equipment, this landscape was designed to provide children with a deeper, more meaningful outdoor experience.  Fences to keep the children safe were thoughtfully designed to allow separate play areas while maintaining a beautiful flow throughout the landscape.  Large native shrubs and oak trees help to soften the views.

Overall the landscape design coupled with the owner’s vision provides a unique space for children ready to engage nature.

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