Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation

Although we understand that water and other natural resources are not infinite and must be preserved, we may not realize that energy and resource conservation can be easily implemented in our outdoor living spaces. As an eco-friendly and truly resourceful company, Formecology uses innovative design systems to better utilize and conserve energy, water and other natural resources in your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixtures do more than add beauty to your evening landscape view, they also help create a warm and relaxed ambience that invites you to explore and enjoy your surroundings even during the “off” hours. Also, outdoor lighting fixtures provide illumination for improved personal safety. Lighted steps and walkways help reduce the risk of falls and possible injuries.

Outdoor lighting fixtures can be easily incorporated as part of an eco-friendly landscape design without impacting your existing natural landscape or raising your electric bills. Formecology accomplishes this task by implementing the following:

Light emitting diodes (LEDs)

We use light emitting diodes, or LEDs, which are very energy efficient (energy-saving). LEDs consume up to 90% less power than incandescent light bulbs, resulting in a sizable decrease in energy costs. Unlike compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), LEDs contain no toxic mercury. Human energy is also conserved because LED maintenance and replacement costs are minimal thanks to their long lifespan.

Local light fixtures

We use locally sourced light fixtures. The use of locally sourced fixtures not only limits fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, it also to helps build and strengthen local community businesses and economies.

Light dimmers

We provide lighting fixtures with optional dimmers. Our installed lighting fixtures can be fitted with optional dimmers for flexible lighting. Additionally, we can install timers that enable lights to shut off or power down automatically, which saves on their energy use.

Irrigation Systems

At Formecology, our goal is to provide you with a landscape that doesn’t require irrigation systems in the first place. This is because the native plants that we use, including various trees, shrubs, grasses and hedges, have hardier and longer root systems that enable them to adapt to the local weather and climate of the Midwest. As a result, our native plants grow well and do not need lots of water or attention.

However, should you desire plantings that require irrigation, we do implement various environmentally-friendly watering solutions, including drip irrigation systems.

What are drip irrigation systems?

Drip (or trickle) irrigation systems reduce water evaporation and usage by allowing water to drip directly over or into plant root zones through a network of valves, pipes and drippers. In fact, drip irrigation typically uses 25 – 50% less water than traditional (sprinkler) watering methods. By delivering water at or near plant root zones, drip irrigation systems also cut down on high water bills, weeds, wet/flooded sidewalks and walkways, and soil erosion and runoff.

Formecology’s Commitment to Energy and Resource Conservation

Energy and resource conservation isn’t just a smart idea for the planet; when correctly implemented by a knowledgeable company, it’s also smart idea for your budget and wallet. Formecology can implement a variety of eco-friendly solutions that not only beautify your home and landscape, but make your living quarters safer and more maintenance-free.

Contact Formecology today to discuss eco-friendly solutions for all your landscape needs!