Integrated Drainage Systems & Site Grading

Where It Goes, Nobody Knows!

At Formecology, one of our unique characteristics is how we implement integrated drainage systems and site grading in an eco-friendly manner. We use our ingenuity and creativity when fixing grades and implementing drainage systems to fix water issues, all while properly managing water flow through aesthetically pleasing and sustainable landscape features.

Why is there water in my basement?

Rain and snow eventually result in runoff from our roofs, sidewalks and driveways. If this runoff is not directed away from our homes and other structures, it can cause serious issues such as water in the basement, and even damage to the foundation. Many homes and landscapes that might otherwise have adequate drainage are also located on a flat lot, at the bottom of a slope, or in a situation where the lot collects water from neighboring properties; these situations often result in more water infiltration than the site can handle and will require a proper rainwater management solution.

Formecology’s Integrated Drainage Solutions

drainage systems, drain pipesWe begin the process of addressing your lot’s water issues by first determining the direction and volume of all your home’s water sources. We also check any hidden water issues. For example, we will examine your roof line and to ensure that downspouts and gutters are functioning as intended and actually moving water away from the home. Sometimes the issue can be a leaky, clogged or disconnected downspout or gutter.

Once we’ve examined the gutters and downspouts and determined they are not the cause of the water issues, we discuss how the installation of drainage systems and site grading can help resolve your site’s water issues.

Drain Pipes

At Formecology, when we discuss drainage management, we refer to a water redirection strategy that involves using 4” PVC pipe to move water away from the house and surrounding structures and into dedicated drainage systems. The water entering and filling those drainage systems is then redirected into a sustainable drainage solution located 10-20 feet away from the home, such as a rain garden. This approach not only protects your home from water damage, but it also protects the environment and waterways by keeping water in the ground.

Site Grading

site gradingOnce the system of pipes is in place, we rectify any soil grade issues around your property. This re-grade or re-slope is not performed by simply adding new soil on top of the old. In fact, adding more soil can still result in a wet basement and damage to your house foundation. Instead, the current soil layers must be re-graded so that they slope away from the house and surrounding structures.

Once the re-grade and re-slope of the surrounding soil is complete, we can discuss additional landscaping options, including the installation of deep rooted native plants that absorb excess rainfall and help prevent soil erosion.

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If you’d like to learn more about how Formecology’s integrated drainage solutions can help keep your basement dry and protect your foundation from damage, please contact us today. You can also listen to our radio interview on preventing water damage with Larry Meiller!