Landscape Planning & Design/Install

Whether it’s for a residential or a small commercial space, a public park or a private garden area, having a professionally completed landscape plan (i.e., landscape design) is a wise investment to make.

Without a clear, well-considered plan, it is nearly impossible to create a sustainable outdoor living place that doesn’t incur wasteful missteps and their associated environmental and financial costs.

Landscape design is not a simple task. A successful landscape design must not only include the appropriate elements, but also organize them properly for maximum function as well as aesthetic and ecological value. Experience, training, forethought, and a proven process are all crucial to designing a sustainable (eco-friendly) outdoor living environment.

At Formecology, we believe that the importance of having a landscape plan cannot be overstated. This is why our expert design team includes landscape architects, designers and technicians with training in landscape architecture and construction, ecological restoration, and horticulture. Additionally, our team members have years of field experience, which helps ensure that the landscape plan we create will be suitable to both the physical site and its users.

Conceptual Landscape Master Plan

We begin the landscape planning process with a free initial meeting.  At this consultation, we meet with you to learn about your intended project and its budget.  Given this information, we develop a design proposal that outlines our services and associated costs.

Designs can vary greatly in cost and complexity depending on the size and goals of the project, but for most the range is between $750-$2000 and up. The low end of the range is for designing smaller outdoor spaces (i.e. front or back yard only) or sites with less detail. The upper range is for completing a master landscape plan usually for the an entire site (front, sides and back yard areas) or for sites with more detail.

To ensure your landscape design project is successful, Formecology has developed and perfected the conceptual landscape master plan (CLMP) process. This process creates landscape designs that are not only ecologically beneficial and creative, but also fit within the site’s physical specifications and your budget.

Here are a few advantages of working with Formecology to prepare a CLMP for your site:

  • An educated and experienced team of professional designers guarantees a cohesive and comprehensive plan uniquely suited to you and your site.
  • A long-term version of the entire site, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding installation costs, required care, and phase progression.
  • An opportunity to save money on additional bidding and design details if the project is constructed by one of our installation teams.

Regardless of what service you choose to initially utilize, rest assured that Formecology, LLC puts tremendous effort into each and every project that it undertakes. We work closely with you, our client, to understand your wants and needs!