Natural Stone Hardscapes & Porous Pavement

At Formecology, we believe in using natural and locally sourced materials as much as possible to create beautiful landscapes and stone hardscapes that are in tune with their natural local surroundings.

Our reasons include the following:

  • Used with native plants, natural stone becomes our link to the natural world; also, native plants and stone complement each another perfectly.
  • Natural stone can identify a regional aesthetic. When traveling throughout Wisconsin, you are reminded of where you are by the stones you find around you.
  • Stone represents longevity & durability. Stone materials can become better with time.

Natural Stone Hardscapes

Hardscapes are the walls, walkways, patios, steps, driveways and other hard surfaces necessary for a functional outdoor lifestyle. These items are often regarded as strictly functional, but with appropriate design and craftsmanship, hardscapes can become so much more. Our hardscape features are functional, beautiful and constructed in ways that minimize their impact on the environment.

Hardscape elements create many of the following benefits:

  • Hardscape elements can be designed to direct traffic, retain steep slopes, or provide intrigue.
  • Stone materials can complement architecture and add color or textural interest.
  • Porous hardscape features can help prevent flooding by capturing and filtering rainwater onsite.

Our natural stone hardscapes (rock landscaping) are created from locally quarried stone and are not pre-manufactured. This helps reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating a significant amount of transportation-associated emissions. Formecology uses local limestone, which is readily available throughout Wisconsin, igneous rock such as granite, and local fieldstone and recycled concrete whenever possible.

When properly installed, natural stone hardscapes provide longevity and durability and thus can last for many decades. They also offer aesthetic appeal through artful craftsmanship, fitting in well with our natural landscape.

Formecology offers above average industry warranties and our employees are trained in natural stone hardscaping.

Porous Pavement

Porous pavements (e.g., eco-driveways) can reduce runoff (rainwater leaving your site) because the surface captures and filters rainwater, directing it to the ground below. This is important because, other than rooftops, driveways are a home’s largest impermeable (water-resistant) hardscape feature.

  • Reduce the size of the driveway.
  • Use porous materials.
  • Re-slope a driveway so that it drains into a water collecting installation (e.g., rain garden).


An eco-driveway is the ideal solution for reducing storm water runoff while still providing the benefits of an actual driveway to the ecologically conscious home or business owner.

Porous pavement options include pervious concrete, pervious asphalt, pavers with voids, and crushed gravel with no fines. When standard concrete or asphalt is the best choice, the project can still be designed in an eco-friendly manner by minimizing the size of the impermeable hardscape feature.

To learn more about Formecology’s approach to lessening the impact on the environment through alternative driveway solutions, please refer to our Guide to Eco-Driveways.