Shoreline Management & Slope Stabilization

Although inspiring and beautiful, living near a body of water (e.g., lake, pond, river, creek) comes with its own unique set of landscaping challenges. To begin with, water edges and shorelines are fragile and sensitive to changes in the weather, especially torrential rainfall, drought, and even the tides. Motorized watercraft (e.g., high speed boats) can also create high waves that crash and wash away the shoreline.

Shoreline erosion, which is essentially soil loss, will eventually erode into the landscape and closer to the home, then creating property loss.


Also, many homeowners do not like the cold and stark look of exposed boulders in their yards. For homeowners that have young children or small pets, the tiny crevices inherent in piled rocks and boulders can even pose a physical risk.

In contrast, bioengineering takes advantage of biodegradable blankets and deeply
rooted native plants. These native plants are adapted to an aquatic environment and quickly take root in the underlying soil. Because 60% of a shoreline plant’s biomass is underground, this is a very effective method of erosion control and stopping further soil loss.
Unlike boulders and rock installations, bioengineering solutions actually grow stronger with time. Native plants and their deep roots take hold of the soil, stabilize it and keep it in place. These native plants also self-repair and create aesthetically pleasing and desirable
wildlife habitats.Best of all, bioengineering solutions can be cost effective, not labor-intensive to install, and are environmentally friendly.


Biodegradable Blankets

Formecology uses biodegradable blankets that are laid down on the shoreline and used as a protective covering for native plants while they are sprouting and establishing themselves in the soil. These blankets quickly degrade and eventually disappear as the plants continue to grow throughout the season. Once the native plants have put down their deep roots, the soil is secured and is now protecting and armoring the shoreline.
At Formecology, we use several different types of biodegradable blankets. Some of our blankets are created from coconut and straw. Other blankets contain photo degradable netting, which breaks down and disappears when sunlight hits it. This kind of netting is eco-friendly and does not disturb local wildlife.

If you live near the water and your landscape is suffering from soil loss and shoreline erosion, contact Formecology today!