Landscapes for a Beautiful Today…

and a Green Tomorrow

Our in-house landscape architect and experienced crew have been designing and building landscapes in South Central Wisconsin for over 20 years. Bringing beauty and function to homeowners and small commercial properties while being mindful of our environment.

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Formecology, LLC is a sustainable landscape design, build and care firm unlike your typical garden variety. We specialize in natural, eco-friendly landscaping for residential, small commercial and public spaces. Serving the Madison, Wisconsin area and beyond (Rock, Dane, and Green counties), Formecology has been providing artful craft with exceptional warranties installed by experienced staff for over 20 years. See our stunning results for yourself, check out our full range of services and call us to make the most of your outdoor living space.

What does sustainable landscape design, build & care mean to us?

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Beneficial to the environment while also sustaining human function, health and well-being.

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Landscapes that are not only beautiful but better for our air, waterways, and wildlife.

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High quality, thoughtful landscapes that are built to last.

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Combining art (form) with nature (ecology)