About Formecology

Throughout our 24 year history, we have been quite different than other landscape design-build companies – we don’t limit ourselves to simply beautifying the landscape. We do add aesthetic appeal to the landscape, but we do so in a different way than our counterparts. In our work we strive to provide not only attractive landscapes, but also increase health and well-being of both people and the environment. In addition to being beautiful and functional, our custom designed landscapes are environmentally friendly.

Our name does a good job of describing our passion for our work- Formecology, LLC is born from the idea of combining art (form) with nature (ecology). We bring together natural elements and cultural art forms to create landscapes that are appropriate both to site architecture and nature. Our creations are not landscapes, but sustainable outdoor living spaces.


To us at Formecology, LLC, sustainable landscapes are those designed, installed and cared for in a way that is beneficial to the environment, while also sustaining essential human function, health and well-being. Careful incorporation of natural elements in our creations benefits the environment and provides restorative benefits to site users in a functional environment designed to reduce stress, inspire creativity and capture the imagination. We consider human health and well-being an integral part of sustainability – for a landscape that does not consider human needs will not be long lived.

Regional Inspiration

The focus of our work is rooted in the idea of combining native flora (plants) and local, natural stone materials to develop outdoor living spaces that have a distinct connection to the visual identity of the region. The prairie aesthetic, which has captivated the world through the artistry of many prominent designers, is alive and flourishing in our work. While our landscapes are inspired by nature, our training and experience in landscape design principles enables us to create landscapes, vibrant with local color, suitable for any site. Formecology, LLC’s professionals have used our expertise in a wide variety of settings ranging from modernist and traditional homes, to lakeshore cabins and corporate headquarters. Our region has a unique beauty- artistically combining native plants and local materials is an inherently eco-friendly way to harness this inspiration.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor spaces, at their best, can provide beauty, food, recreational opportunity, relaxation, utility, and more. Unfortunately, most outdoor spaces are not designed with all potential uses in mind. Sustainable outdoor living environments created by Formecology, LLC are thoughtfully designed with the end in mind to provide more than simply an attractive setting for a home – they provide a vision and master plan for achieving a fulfilling and rewarding outdoor lifestyle, while being mindful of the environment. Remember, the first step in being sustainable is thinking holistically about your outdoor lifestyle.
Our hardscape features, such as patios, retaining walls, and gathering spaces, provide essential human function while harmoniously integrating with the surrounding architecture and landscape. Our softscapes provide beauty, form, structure, and screening. The synergy of all these landscape elements in a Formecology, LLC created landscape makes for a truly special sustainable outdoor lifestyle.