Eco-Friendly Back-To-School Tips

As families and their children prepare for back-to-school, here a few eco-friendly tips to utilize throughout the school year:

• Take an inventory of what you already have that can be used again. Avoid last-minute impulse purchases by making a list of what you can re-use and what you yet still need before heading to the store. This will save materials as well as your dollars.

• Buying clothes doesn’t have to come with sticker shock! Hand-me-downs and thrift stores are not only more eco-friendly, but also cheaper and fun too!

• The days of disposable pens and pencils are gone, replaced by biodegradable pencils and refillable pens. Once you have greener options in hand, encourage your youngsters to hang on to each pencil until it wears down to the nub and to each pen as long as possible.

• Find green paper, notebooks and binders.

• Don’t brown bag it; instead opt for a washable, reusable container to tote your lunch to and from.

• If you don’t live close enough to walk, finding a safe bike route to school is a green way to go. School buses are also a cleaner option than single-occupancy cars. If walking, biking, or busing isn’t an option, start a parent carpool.

From all of us here at Formecology, we wish your children a safe and happy return back to school!