Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Tips

Here are some eco-friendly (sustainable) snow removal tips to help get you through the winter snow while keeping the environment in mind:

• Human-powered removal is the only 100% eco-friendly way to get rid of snow. There are no downsides for the environment, your family or your lawn when using a shovel for snow removal. Be sure to take breaks while shoveling, stay hydrated and lift snow with your legs, not your back.

• Snow day from school? Get your children outdoors and active with a shovel too! It gets them exercise and fresh air while giving you some help.

• Snow blowers emit a ton of carbon emissions that pollute the air. If you choose to use a snow blower, help to limit the emissions by using an electric- or battery-powered snow blower instead of gas powered.

• Get the snow cleared early in the day and let the sun warm the surface. Shovel before the snow reaches more than 3″ as it’s easier to shovel less snow three times a day than it is to shovel 9″ of snow once.

• Try putting down an abrasive material like sand to help get some traction. It will not melt ice but it will help make the surface non-slippery. Sand should be used sparingly since it can clog local storm drains. Wearing boots with good traction soles is also beneficial.

• Kitty litter is also effective in providing traction, but again, use sparingly as they can adversely affect vegetation and get into waterways.

• De-icers , such as rock salt, contains chlorides or acetates that can kill your grass and plants, damage driveways and sidewalks, and can pollute nearby waterways. When pets walk on the salt, their paws can dry out and crack too, and it’s also corrosive to cars. Use de-icers as sparingly as possible when treating icy walkways or look for eco-friendly de-icing products.