Formecology, LLC Wins “Contractor of the Year” Awards!

Formecology, LLC won three “CotY” (Contractor of the Year) awards at the “Celebrating Excellence” virtual award ceremony on November 5th!

The event was hosted by NARI of Madison (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) of which Formecology, LLC has been a member of for seven years. NARI is an organization of high-quality remodeling professionals. Its members are committed to integrity, high standards, professional education, ethics and market recognition.

The CotY is a prestigious award presented each year to NARI members who have demonstrated outstanding work through their remodeling projects.

As first year entrants, Formecology, LLC won a CotY Award on all three of their entries. The CotY is awarded to projects that meet score requirements under the following criteria:

  • To what degree were the expressed needs of the client met?
  • To what degree does the project enhance the existing structures functionally?
  • To what degree does the project enhance the existing structure aesthetically?
  • Is there evidence of superior craftsmanship?
  • Were innovative uses of material and/or methods of construction used in the project?

Formecology, LLC entered a joint project with Artisan Deck and Design, LLC in the category of “Residential Landscape Design/Outdoor Living under $100,000”. This project consisted of a new entryway trellis and natural stone walkway. Both contractors in this winning project will receive a CotY award.

Formecology, LLC’s second winning entry was a beautifully constructed “eco-driveway” in the “Residential Landscape Design/Outdoor Living $40,001 to $60,000” category. The driveway was built to help manage and redirect stormwater (and to help keep it from contaminating our lakes and rivers) but can also function as a patio/entertainment space.

The third entry and CotY Award winning project was Evansville’s very own “The Grove Market” in the “Commercial Exterior” category. Local owners of this farm-to-table bistro hired Formecology, LLC to design and install a safe, ADA-accessible, low-maintenance, inviting outdoor space that tied well into their regionally based, historic building.

“We are so grateful for the vision and hard work by Formecology in transforming an unusable space into a beautiful, welcoming setting.  The greenspace gives our guests a wonderful first impression of The Grove Market.  Our customers always compliment the park-like ambience and design.  In addition to the beauty of the space, during the warmer months this year we were particularly thankful for the functionality of the outdoor dining space” says Jenny Wiedel, The Grove Market owner.

Formecology, LLC’s owner, John Gishnock III, also won an “Achievement Award” for his involvement on the NARI Membership Committee.

“Being a NARI board member and volunteer on the membership committee has been crazy rewarding – we’ve built some really great relationships with Madison’s premiere contractors and service providers!” says Gishnock.