Happy Veterans Day! 8 Suggested Ways to Thank a Vet:

Veterans Day Image

Say thank you – Give them a call or send an email and tell them that you appreciate what they have done, or are doing, for our country.

Listen- If they want to talk about their service, let them.

Send some love- Get out your phone book and find a VA hospital or nursing home and send a patriotic bouquet of flowers or a colorful collection of cookies. Add a heartfelt note thanking them for their service.

Attend a parade – If there is a parade close by, take your family and buy some flags to wave.

Visit a Veterans Day Services to Pay Your Respects – If you can’t find a parade, there are plenty of memorials that you can visit to pay your respects.

Fly a Flag – Flying the American Flag is a great way to show pride and respect for our country.

Give time or money to veterans groups – Many groups will benefit from your volunteered time or cash donations.

Our favorite 🙂 Plant a tree in memory of a veteran – Planting a tree is always a great way to honor someone and will give you a permanent place to return to year after year to spend time and appreciate your freedom. See the link below for selecting hearty Wisconsin trees!