Butler Lighting

Madison, Wisconsin

Lighting fixtures too can be incorporated into an eco-friendly landscape design. The fixtures used on this Madison property are LED and made in the USA, which means they are energy efficient and locally sourced. They have dimmers and timers for flexible lighting with the ability to shut down. The posts and railings are made of repurposed cypress siding and were specifically designed to draw on the homes unique architecture, while the post/rail lights add a warm ambiance and illuminate the steps for improved safety. Tree downlights are fixed to mature oak trees using canvas straps that can be adjusted to reduce negative impacts to the trees as they grow. Underground electric lines are routed around tree roots and through areas with less erosive potential. Local boulders, native plants, and biodegradable erosion blankets were then added to serve as a means to stabilize impacts to fragile, natural landscapes. Care and quality craftsmanship ensure impacts to existing natural hardscape features are repaired to maintain their original character for years to come.

Collaborators: tomkins electric

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