Larson Residence

Verona, WI

Having just moved from a home on Madison’s west side these clients were accustomed to a smaller, and more organized outdoor space, but now living in Verona on a larger & much more open property, they found they were in need of a different type of landscape. They wanted a setting that still focused on beauty & formality, but was also based in hardy plant selections with looser forms that could connect/relate to the larger natural surroundings. To accommodate, native perennials in combination with a few non-native, but non-invasive species, were selected to provide a bold & striking expression, while affording durability & lower maintenance. Strategically placed native shade trees connect and nestle this three story home to the greater landscape without obstructing views from inside. Boulders and rock gardens create permanent textural interest and in combination with perennial fall color, will provide needed multi-seasonal enjoyment.

Other Recent Work