Landscape Renovations

Out With the Old and In With the New!

There are many situations that can trigger a much needed landscape renovation or makeover. In such a situation, you may end up updating, enhancing, removing or even replacing some or all of your landscape.

Other than improving curb appeal, what are some common reasons for starting a landscape renovation?

  • Original landscape design wasn’t uniformly or properly planned.
  • Overgrown or invasive plants have taken over.
  • Incorrectly pruned or cared for plants that cannot be recovered.
  • High maintenance plants that are inappropriate for the environment.
  • Shrubs/trees planted too close to the house and causing damage to the foundation.
  • Trees planted too close to the house and causing gutter clogs.
  • New property ownership/different landscape preferences.
  • New structures/additions to the home (garage, porch, etc.).

Site Inventory and Analysis

Formecology’s sustainable landscape renovation process emphasizes site inventory and analysis as well as conservation. This begins with a thorough assessment of existing vegetation, including whether current plants are still in good health and structural condition. The plants that can be salvaged will be reused in the renovated landscape.

We then assess the landscaping components that are in need of excessive maintenance or repair or are affecting the home negatively. Older landscapes typically have many overgrown foundation plantings that either need to severely trimmed back or replaced. Even more recent landscape installations may be in need of replacement if they have been irregularly trimmed or damaged by street salt, gusty winds or heavy snow.

Landscape Planning

We then formulate a landscape design plan that provides you with a blueprint of which plantings will work well for you and your landscape. We particularly focus on the architecture of your house and which landscape plan will better fit the look and style of your residence.

Overall, our plant selections will include hardier and lower maintenance grasses, shrubs, flowers, vines and trees. We will ensure that the plantings relate well to one another in terms of their relative sizes, placements and growth cycles. Finally, if your home has any drainage issues, we will explore the possibility of incorporating integrated drainage solutions, including rain gardens, water redirects and site grading.

Keep in mind that, if you’re trying to fit a renovated landscape into your budget, our landscape plans can also help you budget for and spend on only certain areas of your property at a time.

From the initial site inventory process to landscape design and final installation, Formecology completes all landscape renovations using our in-house experts. We are readily available to answer all your landscaping questions and concerns!