Organic Lawn & Landscape Care

If you want a naturally healthy, lower-maintenance, and chemical-free lawn, Formecology, LLC offers customized organic lawn care services that are better for you, your children, pets, and the environment.

It starts with the soil!

Our organic lawn care service sets us apart from conventional landscaping companies because we focus on improving both the soil and the turf grass. Healthy grass growth will not occur if your soil is lacking in nutrients—fertilizing a lawn with deficient soil will only sugarcoat the problem, not resolve it. To get to the root of the problem and create and maintain a healthier ecosystem for turf grass, we may recommend the following:


Dethatching is a method in which knife-like blades are used to cut through the thatch (a layer of dead and living grass, stems, and roots that shows up between the soil and the grass blades) and remove the debris, improving the lawn’s overall health.

Soil amendments:

Adding soil amendments like compost helps to improve plant growth and health. This is one the most important steps in caring for your lawn!


A slit-seeder creates furrows to put seed directly into the soil for more effective germination. Slit-seeding is a great way to create density by adding a high-quality grass seed that fits the sunlight and moisture conditions of your property.


Overseeding is a means of planting seed over existing turf without penetrating the soil. Done mainly in the fall, this is a cost-effective and less laborious way to slowly thicken your lawn.

Lawn aeration:

Aeration is the process of creating small holes in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, which then helps the roots to produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. It’s amazing how much snow, pet waste, children, and natural processes can tighten our soils. Aeration done annually in three-year patterns is generally the most effective.

Our organic fertilizer process

Once we have made some (or all) of the soil improvements above, we will apply the appropriate fertilizer, fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the soil. The resulting stronger and thicker grass will help to out-compete weed growth over time.

Cruelty-free natural lawn care:

Our fertilizers and other products (like natural herbicides) are naturally derived and safe for your family and pets. In fact, our main herbicide is corn gluten, a locally sourced byproduct composed of chicken manure and other organic products.

Patience pays off!

While it’s important to realize that our fertilizer process does not provide the fastest results and requires patience and dedication (up to three years for full results), our slow release rate is the most beneficial for long-term lawn health (and for the environment). The slow release rate eliminates the quick bursts of growth and required mowing evidenced with other fertilizers. This also enables us to complete a full season’s nutrient program with only three applications, and each application of our fertilizer will benefit your lawn for years rather than a few months.

Lakes and pollution:

Formecology does not use toxic chemical fertilizers that can leach into lakes and streams, and having healthy and lush turf is one of the best ways to ensure that your lawn is not losing nutrients and soil into local waterways. Therefore, proper nutrient management is key to not only keeping your lawn green, but local waters clean!

Additional landscape care options for healthy and beautiful lawns

Spring/fall/special event clean-up:

Seasonal clean-ups are beneficial for new and continual growth. Clean-ups are also an effective remedy for a landscape make-over and to add beautiful curb appeal.

Leaf clean-up and removal:

Excessive leaves on your lawn will block sunlight and air, causing fungus, mold, diseases, and/or brown, dead patches.


Weeding is an important control method of removing unwanted plants that compete with the desired plants for space, water, and nutrients.


Mulch helps to regulate soil temperatures, retain water to keep roots moist, and prevent the growth of weeds. Applying new mulch, typically three inches thick, every two to three years is typical for maximizing the benefits of hardwood mulch.


Pruning is the removal of dead, infected, or overgrown, branches. Trimming is a method of cutting back overgrown plants. Both are beneficial for pest control, protection against hazards to your home (fallen branches, etc.), and for maintaining proper growth and health of your trees and shrubs.


Edging keeps soil and mulch where it belongs, creates a visible barrier and pleasing form, and creates a clean line for mowing and trimming (and keeps the weeds out!). Earthen, poly, steel, and stone edges are some of the most common types we install—edges look great and you will love the lower maintenance!

Natural, organic, effective

There are many benefits to working with Formecology for your lawn care and maintenance. Our expert staff looks forward to talking with you to develop a customized lawn care program that fits your needs and budget. We can’t wait to be your lawn care service provider!

At Formecology, we get to the ‘root’ of the problem for a healthier lawn, environment and you!

If you want a natural, healthy, lower maintenance and chemical free (pesticide free) lawn, Formecology, LLC offers organic lawn care services that’s better for you, your children, your pets, and the environment! Using a three step program, we get to the ‘root’ of the problem by addressing and fixing poor soil conditions.

Fertilizer + Soil Enhancement

Our fertilization service is different from that of conventional landscaping companies in that we focus on improving both the turf grass and the soil.  Because proper lawn care begins with understanding your soil chemistry, we begin by administering a soil test to best match our fertilizer program to your soil’s nutritional deficiency.

We then apply the appropriate fertilizer, which completes the nutritional requirements of the soil so that its quality improves; this in turn creates a healthier ecosystem for the lawn.

Over time, our approach also allows the turf grass to become more drought tolerant and less dependent on supplemental fertilizer. This occurs because healthy grass has stronger roots, and stronger roots are better able to penetrate the enhanced soil, reaching nutrients and moisture that were previously inaccessible.  The resulting thick and healthy grass out-competes weeds, thus stopping weeds without the application of toxic herbicides.

Slow Release

Another benefit with our fertilizer is the slow release rate. This enables us to complete a full season’s nutrient program with only 3 applications. The slow release rate also eliminates the quick bursts of growth (and required mowing) evidenced with other fertilizers.  In fact, each single application of our fertilizer will benefit your lawn for years rather than a few months.

Lakes & Pollution

As part of our commitment to protecting lakes and other waterways, we make sure to clean up any fertilizer that spills onto your driveway or sidewalk, or into the roads. By cleaning up any spilled lawn fertilizer, we stop it from entering storm sewers and washing out into lakes and streams.

We also recognize that having a healthy and lush field of turf is one of the best ways to ensure that your lawn is not losing nutrients and soil into the local waterways. Therefore, proper nutrient management is key to only keeping your lawn ‘green’ but local waters clean!

Cruelty-Free Natural Lawn Care

Most importantly, you’ll know that the products we’re using are naturally derived.  With you, you family and your pets walking on and playing in the grass, you can be rest-assured that the fertilizers and other lawn care products we use are safe and natural. In fact, we use corn gluten, a locally-sourced byproduct composed of of chicken manure and other organic products, for a portion of our applications.

Service & Beyond

After each visit, we’ll keep in touch with you to help ensure that our lawn maintenance practices aren’t causing any issues with you or your family. We might also periodically recommend other beneficial services, or just notify you of an on-site issue that you may wish to be aware of (e.g., clogged gutters).

  • Spring/fall/special event clean-up
  • Leaf clean-up and removal
  • Slit seeding and dethatching
  • Aeration
  • Weeding
  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Edging

As you can see, there are many benefits to working with Formecology for your lawn care and maintenance. If you would like to talk in more detail about our lawn services or to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to be your lawn care service provider!