Two of two of our most recent designs!

Here’s a new front yard design for one of our best clients.  As you review the design please note the following:

  • As you face the house, the right and back side landscaping was completed by us in 2007.  The existing landscape is artful and somewhat abstract & modern to fit the unique architecture of the house.  The house was remodeled by Associated Housewrights, one of our companion businesses, in 2006/2007 as well.  Here’s a photo of the back yard –

exterior contractor party 003

  • The new landscape design carries many of the same forms and shapes from the existing landscape to the front yard helping to connect the entire site thematically together.
  • Repeating the bold circle shape in the front was an ideal way to reinforce and very thoughtful architectural form.
  • Most of the shrubs and perennials will be grouped in bold masses to help keep it simple and let the forms provide the visual enjoyment.
  • Flowering trees (red shapes) will serve as focal points or features that provide more intense aesthetic pleasure.  Native shrubs will provide a dense understory and help keep weeds a minimum.
  • You’ll note we didn’t change the existing perennial bed in the front yard.  It currently encloses the front yard nicely and provides a nice splash of color along their road.  Plus the client wasn’t looking for more perennial beds to weed so we thought keeping the shape the same made a lot of sense.
  • Lastly, to maintain the edges & forms, natural stone edging (and a retaining wall) will outline most of the shape of the new planting beds.  Of course we’ll be repeating the same stone type, size, and thickness we used in the back.  What another great way to connect and unify the site!