Landscape Design for a Back Yard Renovation

This landscape design has been developed to help with a back yard renovation of a homesite on Madison’s bustling east side.  Please note the following features of this site, budget, and client specific landscape plan:

  • Existing vegetation deemed healthy and non-invasive was saved and integrated into the design.
  • We added a rain garden to help capture at least ¼ of the roofs runoff – that’s a sizable amount given the extent of roof (and proximity to the Madison lakes).
  • Since we’ll be using tracked equipment in the back yard we are changing out the traditional Kentucky bluegrass lawn with the no-mow fescue lawngrass.  This grass needs mowed once or twice a year, but otherwise it’s fine textured, elegant, lays on itself and helps keeps weeds out (once established).  Oh and it needs less water!
  • There is a focus on showy native pollinator plants to use in the designed enhancement perennial zones.
  • We utilized a flowering native tree (serviceberry) in the back corner to provide depth, focal interest, and to screen the adjacent utility pole.
  • Decorative fence panels (likely make of cedar) are proposed to help enclose the back yard a bit and screen some unsightly views.
  • New native shrubs help fill some of the excessive perennial bed space as well as aim to help provide some enclosure and definition.
  • Well placed stepping stones provide access to the gardens for maintenance as well as visually they provide depth, interest, and also help permanently fill bed space without maintenance.
  • Remember a solid plan on the front end helps develop a phasing plan (to install) and also helps provide a budget at the outset to work with.